Podcast Episode Memory Verses

Have you ever wondered how to apply biblical principles to your addiction and recovery? Look no further than on the podcast memory verse page. On this page is a quick reference guide of all the verses that were laid out in each and every episode of the 99Relapses podcast making it easier and quicker to apply and reference the bible to your addiction and recovery.
99Relapses Podcast Episode #6 Part I- Memory Verses

99Relapses Episode #3 Memory Verses

99Relapses Podcast Episode #3 Memory Versese 5-Pillars to Successful Christian Addiction Matthew 7:24-27 - Stabilization John 14:6-7- Professional Help 1 Peter 5:10-11- Accountability Deuteronomy 31:6- Courage Joshua 1:9- Courage 2Peter 1:5-8- Endurance

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