Episode #6 Recovery Exercises- 5 Characteristics of Addiction

Exercise #1- Addiction Defined

  1. Based on how addiction was defined in the podcast can you list between 2-3 compulsive or habitual behaviors that limit your freedom of human desire (To Love God and Others) as explained in Episode #3?

  • With the events in the past year (COVID, Vaccinations, Isolation, Quarantines, Social Distancing and etc) how have you handled it through your faith in God?  What can you do to improve living your life in Faith and not Fear so that you can grow closer to God and People?

Exercise #2- 5 Characteristics of Addiction


  1. Ask, yourself, do I feel content with the things that I physically possess now?  Would I be happy with more and If so, list 4-5 things that make you truly happy?

  • Is my sense of power and control sufficient, or do I feel I need more when it comes to my addiction(s)?

  • Are the important people in my life reliable, understanding, and loving enough, and am I providing the same back?

  • What addiction(s) in your life, do you need more of (drugs, alcohol, food, work, co-dependency etc) besides what you recognize as your addiction and list what you re neglecting because of these addictions.

Withdrawal Symptoms

  1. How do you feel and react if someone or something threatens to take away or persuade you to quit your addictive behavior?

  • In a typical week how much time, worry, and energy do you spend trying to hold on to these things?

  • If you were to lose one or more of them, how would you feel?

  • In the past, when you suffered such losses, did you experience the stress reactions of withdrawal (anxiety, physical agitation, irritability and etc?)

  • Have you experienced the backlash or rebound reactions of withdrawal (feelings of deep insecurity, an “end of the world vulnerability”)?

Self Deception

  1. Do you find yourself making excuses, denials, or playing other mind tricks to rationalize acquiring more possessions or to justify destructive behaviors with your addiction(s)?

  • Do you sometimes have trouble settling down for quiet reflection, perhaps because you do not want to confront your own truth about these things?
  • Have you ever found yourself thinking “I can take it or leave it” or “I can handle it” in relation to your addiction(s)?