99 Relapses Podcast Goals and Objectives

What is the 99 Relapses Podcast?

My name is James Egidio, and I’m the host of 99 Relapses. God has poured faith, hope, love, and forgiveness into my life when I needed it most. I know that He desires to do the same for you. That’s what 99 Relapses is all about: giving back to those who are struggling with addiction and equipping them with everything they need to achieve lasting sobriety, just as God did for me!

The 99 Relapses Podcast was developed to inform, inspire, educate, empower, and coach the listener on how to successfully manage their addiction and recovery. Everything taught through our messages is focused on avoiding relapse through biblical principles and the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am passionate about the mission of this podcast because the messages shared through our teaching is the same wisdom that radically changed my life forever.

Why Did I Create the 99 Relapses Podcast?

1. I believe there is a wider audience of both Christians and non-Christians who can conquer addiction through biblical principles. The wisdom of the Bible has the power that can give us the extra strength we need to achieve relapse prevention. Not only that, but a consistent relationship with the Bible gives us the continued motivation that we need to maintain a healthier lifestyle throughout our lives. The wisdom of God’s Word is timeless and never runs out, no matter how much we draw from its well.

2. Through the 99 Relapses Podcast, I strived to create something that was accessible to everyone. I have achieved this by making the podcast interactive with both an audio and web-based format that go hand-in-hand with one another. I believe that additional resources in-between podcast episodes would go to serve the listener throughout the week in ways a podcast couldn’t do on its own.

3. 99 Relapses was created to demonstrate the awesome power of God in bringing healing to addiction and restoring sobriety through the grace and mercy of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We can’t find the restoration that we need on our own strength as the world around us would have us believe. The truth of the matter is that we need Jesus! His power is unlike anything else we can find in the world.

How Does the 99 Relapses Podcast Work?

99 Relapses is an “Interactive Podcast” that not only engages the listener through the audio of the podcast itself, but also directs their attention to the 99Relapses.org website as an additional resource. There, the listener can find a variety of tools to aid them along their journey, including but no limited to previous podcast episodes, show transcripts, short devotional videos, memory verses, podcast tools and exercises associated with each podcast (starting with episode 2), etc. These resources are available to the listener 24/7 to give them added support, encouragement, and strength along their journey of recovery.

Daily Bible Verse

About Me

My name is James Egidio.

I am a man whose life has been changed in astounding ways by addiction recovery through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. I’d love to share a bit of my story with you.

Born in Bellville, New Jersey, I was raised Catholic in a working-class, middle-income family. I played golf competitively as a child, starting with a golf club in my hand at the age of 2 years old! I lived in Las Vegas for most of my life (1969-2020), studying Pre-Med at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

Though not suffering from substance abuse issues, my father became both physically and verbally abusive. Around this time, I quit golf and shifted my focus to academics. I began to struggle with substance abuse issues, using marijuana, alcohol, and cocaine. This lead to me having a drug-induced overdose (cocaine) in the summer of 1987. My struggles with addiction continued as I experienced a drug-related arrest in January of 1988.

In 1995, with aspirations to enroll in a Physician Assistant program, I reenrolled in college to finish my Biology/Chemistry degree. To my discouragement, I did not get into a program after two interviews in 1997-1998. Instead, I started a Medical House Call Practice where I hired physicians and was a hands-on practice manager from 1998-2008. I then transitioned that venture into a fee-for-service, cash-only, office-based medical practice from 2008-2020.

In 2013, my life changed forever. I heard messages of purpose and pain, leading me to realize that the Lord had spared me from dying from a drug overdose and time in prison. I realized that the Lord could use my experiences, education, and desire to help others to give back to those who were suffering from addiction. I gave my life to Jesus Christ, becoming a saved Christian.

I started my new life in Christ by enrolling in a Life Coaching Program emphasizing addiction and recovery coaching at the Institute for Life Coach Training. During this time, I also served at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission as a recovery coach. There I was trained to get my certification as a Genesis Recovery Process Counselor.

I then followed through on a calling from the Lord to become an Online Christian Recovery and Addiction Counselor through a website I developed, www.TrinityRecoveryCoaching.org. This endeavor led to my podcast ministry, entitled 99Relapses. Now, I live out my life serving the Lord through my recovery ministry, as well as keeping my marriage healthy through the Lord. God has made recovery possible in my life, leading me to a profound place of purpose. This beautiful transformation in my life has inspired me to help bring that change to the lives of others as well.