Episode #4 Recovery Exercise:  Desire and How it Relate to Addiction

Exercise #1- Defining Your Desire for God with Your Addiction and Recovery

  1. How would you define desire in your addiction and Recovery?

  • How would you define your desire for God/Jesus Christ in your Recovery?

Exercise #2- Repression vs. Addiction

  1. Based on what was defined as repression in the podcast name 2-3 people or events in your life that may have created feelings of repression.

  • Can you name a time in your Christian walk when you repressed your desire for God and Jesus Christ? How long did that last? What events in your life created those feelings?

  • What addictions are taking away your freedoms?

  • List 3-4 positive ways your life would change if you can free yourself from your addictins.

  • List 3-4 you can do today to quit your addiction.