99Relapses Podcast Episode #17 Part III-Lesson’s and Tool’s


In Episode #17 of the 99Relapses podcast I mentioned that when it comes to addiction false belief systems stem from childhood and are projected on to you by a parent, mentor and etc; based on False Beliefs and Lies. These lies come in 2 forms Projected Lies and Survival Lies.

a.) Explain the difference between Projected Lies and Survival Lies

b.) Based on the definition of the 2 different lies Projected Lies and Survival Lies that lead to these False Beliefs; list 3-4 projected and survival lies that may have been told to you from someone close to you (i.e. Parent, Authority Figure and etc.) during childhood and how did it affect you and how did it affect relationships

How It Affects Me/ How It Affect My Relationships

1.) I Can’t Trust Anyone

2.) If I’m Not in Control Something Bad Will Happen

3.) I’m a Victim

4.) I’m Superior to Others

5.) If I’m Vulnerable I’ll Get Hurt

6.) I’m Bad-No Good

7.) I’ll Always Fail no Matter How Hard I try

8.) I’m Stupid

9.) I’m Worthless

10.) I Cannot Cope with Life Without Chemicals

11.) I have Value when I’m Needed

12.) I Don’t Need Anybody