99Relapses Podcast Episode #16 Part II- Show Transcript




Hi, I’m James Egidio Welcome to the 99 relapses podcast. The podcast that moves you from recovery to discovery through the grace and mercy of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. This is episode number 16, part two, titled. False Beliefs and How They Impact Your Addiction. In this episode, I will dive deeper into false beliefs and when I say false beliefs, I don’t mean faith-based police per se. But what I do mean by false beliefs are what you believe in yourself, the world in God and how they impact your addiction. By the time you finished listening to this podcast episode. You’ll be able to identify some of the most common, false beliefs and how they affect your life and your relationships and how they impact your addiction. Just to recap, episode number 15 I discussed several coping mechanisms or negotiating tactics that addicted individuals such as yourself may have used in the past in order to continue or your addiction and these are what I call bargaining chips or procrastination bargaining chips in order to continue the addiction and what you have to realize is that the foundation for these belief systems start early on in childhood and they’re instilled belief systems and this is why it’s so hard to overcome addiction and addictive behavior besides the fact that, of course it’s our sin nature. That’s instilled in us. These company coping mechanisms that I had mentioned in episode, number 15 are denial, repression, rationalization hiding your addiction and finally it was mentioned delaying the process. Of sobriety. And of course, as I had mentioned, again, they’re all bargaining tools in order to continue the addiction. And they’re all based on deeply instilled personal beliefs. Which I will get into more depth in these next two episodes as to where the root cause of this all starts. And the way you behave is expressed by of course, your beliefs, your beliefs about God, yourself and others. As I mentioned early on and in order to have a new life or so-called new life or be transformed in your life. And I’m not talking about just changing these destructive behaviors through self or willpower you have to closely examine your current belief systems, you have to dig deeper into the addiction and I mentioned in episode number 15, that you know, it’s easy to just say, well, it’s our sin nature and as I had mentioned, I’m not here to condemn anybody and just, you know, label addiction, just sin, because it’s a lot deeper than that it’s a multi-layered issue addiction is. But it’s deep in the spirit. As I had mentioned and it’s instilled deep in the spirit and it takes time to self reflect and look deeper into what’s triggering these addictions and to have that new life and to make that transformation and make that change. And these belief systems create these emotions and these, of course, these emotions drive behaviors. And I’ve mentioned that as well in previous podcast episodes about emotions and emotions driving these behaviors. And again, this process for change requires insight and renewing of your mind through your belief systems about God, yourself and others. And the first that comes to mind about renewing your mind comes from Romans 12:2 which reads. Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world. Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think, then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good, pleasing and perfect. And then the question becomes. What are beliefs? And. Webster’s dictionary defines beliefs as to trust in or confidence in what is true. And the key word in this definition of course, is the word true. And however, on the flip side of this definition, the opposite of the key word true is false and distinguishing these belief systems, unfortunately when you have confidence and trust in something in life that you thought was true, but it of course turned out to actually be a lie. This is what we call a false belief system or what I call an F B S as in the initials, Frank, betty Sam FBS. And if you have a belief system, That is true. In reality bears, witness to it as being truthful. Then you have what’s called a truth, or a true belief system. True belief system at TBS. And then the question becomes, well, how do you know a true belief? From a false one. And the verse that comes to mind about belief and truth are the words that come right from Jesus Christ. In John 14:6 he says where Jesus Christ is. I am the way. The truth and the life. And no one can come to the father except through me. And then in Psalm 139:23-24. Search me O God and know my heart test me and know my anxious thoughts. Point out anything in me that offends you and lead me along the path of everlasting life. So in society today. As you can see around you with the media and even. With some of the way churches preach the word and of course in politics and I had mentioned all this in episodes, 12 and 13 Satan’s Worldly Strategies. In today’s society, the lines of truth have become blurred and that the truth and true beliefs are labeled as false and false beliefs and lies are being perpetrated and pandered and sold as truth. And again, as I mentioned, that’s something that I talked about in episodes number 12 and 13 Satan’s Worldly Strategies. But let me put this all in perspective about belief systems, true beliefs and false beliefs. And that is there’s some differences. In distinctions between true and false beliefs. And I want to make it clear. In the following way. True beliefs. Are based on the word of God and truth and reality and false beliefs are based on fear or arise out of loss or pain. True beliefs increase the value and growth of an individual. And false beliefs, demean and diminish the value and growth of an individual. True beliefs are proven true through life experiences that Edify both self and others. False beliefs. are proven false by destructive defensive behaviors and painful relationships. True beliefs results in safe, healthy relationships and false beliefs results in separation and isolation from others. True beliefs create peace and confidence. And false beliefs create anxiety and exhaustion. True beliefs results in true emotions. And false beliefs result in false emotions. So. As I read those distinctions between true and false beliefs. You could see why biblical principles work for complete sobriety. When you depend on self and self willpower as I had mentioned in many episodes, There’s always this false sense of security. There’s always this false sense of reality. There’s always this false. This facade. Of, well, I can do it and, you know, I can use a higher power and so on and so forth. But. When you apply. True beliefs through God’s word. And through Jesus Christ into your sobriety. And you add that as a factor in your sobriety now you’re getting to the heart of the matter as to who you are as a person whose challenged with addiction. So when trying to distinguish between true beliefs versus false beliefs it becomes difficult sometimes and that’s because some, if not, most of your belief systems were developed early on in your life and perhaps as early as childhood. And these have followed it into your adulthood. So. You will believe your false beliefs to be true, especially if you were told that they were true by someone you trusted such as a friend or a parent or a relative. Or even a mentor. And the important thing to keep in mind is that false beliefs will, not stand up to being challenged by others or by biblical truth. However, you may also become defensive when others challenge you with these. True beliefs. Thank you for listening to this episode of the 99 relapses podcast and tune in for episode number 17, part three on false beliefs and how they define your addiction. And I’ll get into that a little bit deeper. Thank you so much i like to end this podcast episode with a prayer Heavenly father. We just give you so much. Thanks and praise, Lord. You’re just an awesome God. You’re a loving God. You’re an omnipotent. God. and omnipresent God. a God who continues to strengthen our faith and and a God who continues to instill peace, love and hope and faith into our hearts. And we’re just so grateful and thankful for that Lord. You’re a God who gives us the strength, the courage to get through each and every day to get through our addictions and your God who brought your only begotten son, Jesus Christ, our Lord and savior our Messiah, our king of Kings, our Lord of Lord, our prince of peace. You brought here in a physical body onto this earth to be sacrificed for our sins and pay the ultimate price, the price that we didn’t deserve and we’re so grateful for that Lord we’re thankful for the that you instilled the holy spirit in us to give us that discerning spirit, to be able to distinguish the difference between truth versus lies. And that no matter what is ever said to us, whether true or false. That the only truth is through your son, Jesus Christ, because he is the way the truth and the life. And no one can get to you father, except through him. And we’re so grateful for that lord for that precious gift of faith and I just thank you in your son’s name Jesus Christ Amen. 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