99Relapses Podcast Episode #15 Part I- Lesson’s and Tools

1.) Denial and Repression- in Episode #15 I mentioned that early on in an addiction the conscious mind ignores the increasing use of the substance or behavior leading to denial and repression

a.) Doing some self reflecting of your own addiction(s) or the addiction(s) of a loved one what are some of the signs of denial with your addiction or the addiction of your loved one?

b.) What kind of physical or mental stress did this denial cause?

2.) Rationalization- I referred to rationalization during an addiction for Christian’s “Wrestling with the Holy Spirit” or bargaining with the subconscious. I also mentioned where denial and repression fail, rationalization becomes the norm for the addicted individual with the realization that a problem exist with excuses like:

“I need a drink because I feel depressed” or

“I deserve to celebrate” or

“Life is short, why not enjoy it”?

a.) Based on rationalization list 3-4 ways you or a loved one has tried to rationalize through addiction(s)

3.) Hiding- I mentioned a third bargaining tool when it comes to addiction which is hiding or avoiding the truth about your addiction.

a.) List 3-4 ways you or your loved one made an attempt to hide or avoid the truth about addiction