99Relapses Podcast Episode #14- Tools and Exercises

In episode #14 I discussed the 5 Principles of Addiction as a Christian the Law of Pain, Double Bind, Social Immaturity, The Problem of Control and The Secret of Recovery; answer the following questions:

1.) Law of Pain:

Give two examples of what your addiction might be anesthetizing in each area:




2.) Double Bind

Take the addiction that you have chosen to work on and apply the Double Bind related to your addiction

3.) Social Immaturity

What age do you think you are socially and emotionally?

4.) The Problem of Control

What is your Double Bind with the problem of Control?

5.) The Secret of Recovery

In episode #14 I mentioned that the “Secret of Recovery” is gratitude has to do with gratitude and learning to trust again; in this exercise (being honest with yourself) take time to self reflect and as yourself 1.) How much do you trust and 2.) what is your level of gratitude on a scale from 1 to 10 1 being not grateful at all and 10 being most grateful!